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Tree of the Day

The Oak Tree

There's over 600 different species of Oak! Native to the Northern Hemisphere, the oaks have managed to spread vastly with recordings from Asia, Europe, North Africa, Latin, and North America! If you're from North America, the chances are very high that you've came across these beautiful trees as over 90% of their populations based here. Though as beautiful as these trees come, they pack  a toxic little bite. Oak trees drop acorns which are poisonous to many things like horses, sheep, cattle, etc. The toxicity steams from tannic acid which causes kidney damage when ingested in large quantities. Some mammals have immunity like squirrels and others in the Sciuridae family. After the removal process of the tannins known as leaching, acorns can be consumed by humans.

Oak trees have been symbolic and even biblical for quite some time, they represent a strong and unmoved force in many accounts. We've attached a painting by John Everett Millais from the year 1852, in this painting titled The Proscribed Royalist, 1651 Millais depicts a young Puritain woman protecting a fleeing Royalist after the Battle of Worcester in 1651. The Royalist whom was hiding in a hollowed tree (a reference to when Charles himself hid in a tree to escape his pursuers) was the local oak tree that later became known as the Millais Oak.

One of the oldest oaks we have is known as the Emancipation Oak at Holwood Park. Photo'd here Anglican bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther (center) with missionaries.

The scientific classification goes as followed, 

Kingdom: Plantae

Clade: Angiosperms

Clade: Eudicots

Clade: Rosids

Order: Fagales

Family: Fagaceae

Genus : Quercus (which is Latin for Oak Tree)

What's Tree of the Day?

Tree of the Day is to educate those on different species of trees daily while helping grow them!

The Problem

Deforestation and Carbon Footprint

We're living in a very important time period. In a time were so much progress has come so fast, its come at the expense of the things we care deeply for. What has happened in the past 150 years has been incredible to say the least, we've taken to the sky and far beyond, put an entire world online,  changed communication, and in the process have created a lot of unnecessary waste. In a world of 1-day shipping we don't care how are package arrives as long as we get it fast. It's time we start promoting environmentally sustainable, eco friendly, biodegradable products that won't end up turning to carbon dioxide and methane when they're sent to a landfill after a single use. "EPA posits that each American produces 4.38 pounds of trash everyday" - Susan Sharp ( with the proper education and resources people can make a much smarter selection of products that will reduce the average amount of trash per person. All of our products are environmentally sustainable, eco friendly, or biodegradable products that will directly help plant trees to combat C02 emissions.

Yale School of Forestry suggest planting 1.2 trillion trees could potentially cancel out a decade of C02 emissions, "Trees are out most powerful weapon in the fight against climate change," - Crowther (

The United Nations' Trillion Tree Campaign has successfully planted 13.6 billion trees! Their goal is to plant 1 trillion trees in total, along with organizations like One Tree Planted whom have planted millions of trees! Our goal is to generate enough web traffic and revenue through our affiliate programs to plant 50,000 trees! 

As we grow, we hope to expand our inventory and will scale up this website for equivalent traffic, we're still small but everyone has to start somewhere and we appreciate you being here with us today. Our goal is to find a way to give back to Mother Nature while still being able to get something you want and replace that single use plastic or paper product. We currently utilize Amazon however as we grow we're looking for smaller, eco friendly, and affordable shops that fit our niche.  If you're interested in listing on our site we'd love to hear from you!


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When purchasing goods from us, we take our affiliates percentage fee and donate it to! Even if you don't feel like purchasing anything you being here has helped out.

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Since we do not manufacture goods, we don't need to cover any manufacturing cost meaning we offer the lowest price guaranteed!

You may ask how we plant trees and where. Our friends at take care of the process! We supply them with a dollar and pick any location they offer! Canada, America, Asia, Africa!

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We do our best to update our list daily according to selling trends however we thoroughly vet each product assuring its eco-friendly, sustainable, and affordable compared to its competitors. 

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We're currently developing a "streamer" as an option to watch content as an effective revenue generating source to plant trees!

Our Goal

A Free Alternative to Donation

We really appreciate you taking your time to be here today. Because you've visited us today, you've generated web-traffic! Soon we will be implementing an eco-friendly, sustainable, and affordable list of goods you can check out! Proceeds go towards our goal of planting over 50,000 trees!

Help Slow Global Warming

Logging and forest fires have had a detrimental effect on our atmosphere as felled or burned trees release stored carbon causing it to interact with greenhouse gasses. The effectiveness of a trees regulation is based upon its maturity, it takes a tree a very long time to reach full maturity so it's important we plant several trees for every single tree that has been deforested. 

50,000 Trees Planted

Through the services of we aim to plant over

50,000 trees in United States, Canada, Latin America, Asia, and Africa. 

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